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The WWF Oasis of Lake of Burano and of the Orbetello Lagoon, with its white and gray herons, ospreys, Northern shoveler, spoonbills and avocets is a point of national pride.
Do not miss the Lagoon Aquarium and the Tartanet Center, a point of recovery for sea turtles.
Another wonder of this area is the Natural Park of Maremma with the protected park of Uccellina that boasts a very rich vegetation: holm oaks, strawberry trees, mastic trees, pines, cork oaks, myrtle and lavender. Do not miss the changing yellow of the Scotch broom, and the huge expanses of rosemary, myrtle and lavender bushes. There are numerous specimens of wild and rare plants, such as the dwarf pine, the only Italian indigenous pine and the equally rare dwarf palm that make this park a place of rare beauty and a protected area for many animals.

The Ombrone estuary is famous for being the meeting point of many birdwatchers. You can see numerous examples of storks, ducks, herons and little egret and, moving inland, even rarities such as osprey or flamingo. Towards evening you can come across other animal species such as: the roe deer in the hills or the wild boar in the bush. It is also easy to meet porcupines, badgers, foxes and the very rare otter. On the cultivated lands to the north of the estuary you can admire the wild horses that run for the Maremma, an image that has become famous all over the world.

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